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Door exclusively for EMHC members - welcome to the club

EMHC Logo tegos Tuer Mitglieder AngebotThe Euro Motorhome Club is the oldest and largest motorhome club in Germany and is one of the most active organisations looking after the interests of motorhome drivers. Because beside the sociability, also the political lobby work is one of the club's top priorities. So it was the EMHC who published the first campsite guide in Germany. The EMHC is also active against inappropriate taxes and futile restrictions in traffic law. The fact that motorhomes up to 7.5 tons are allowed to drive on motorways at 100 km/h today is also due to the strong commitment of the EMHC. The club is currently fighting to ensure that motorhomes up to 4.25 tonnes can be driven with a class B driving licence in future - this is also intended to give young families access to larger RVs. "The 3.5-tonne limit is no longer up to date", says EMHC President Dieter Steinacker.

tegos EMHC Mitglieder  Angebot Tuer

EMHC Logo tegos Tuer Mitglieder Angebot It's always an impressive picture when EMHC members gather with their rolling holiday homes at a meeting or travel together with the various mobiles. Models of all manufacturers and of all ages, but also individual vehicle solutions are to be found here. Everyone is very welcome. It is therefore worth it being a member of the Euro Motorhome Club - including a 'first aid' in technical and legal matters. And if you are not a member yet, you can easily become one. And with the exclusive tegos offer, membership pays off twice.

More information about the exclusive offer of the EMHC-Edition door and the Euro Motorhome Club can be found on our Club page.

Photo credits/Copyright: Euro Motorhome Club e.V.

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